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Why Hire An Insurance Broker In Florida

Why hire a Florida Auto Insurance Broker?  Simple:


5 Minutes of your time = 10+ simultaneous quotes = Huge annual savings...

We all have Car Insurance, most of us have health insurance, and some of us have homeowners insurance.  Why use a Broker for insurance, it’s simple:


How it normally works:


When you got your last quote for car insurance, did you pick up the phone and call Geico, Travelers, Progressive, or one of the other big name insurance companies?  If so, I’m guessing the call took more then 5 minutes to get a single quote.  Most of us just go with the quote given while others who are looking for a deal will call 2-3 large insurance providers until we find a reasonable quote.


"Insurance brokers" will get you quotes from multiple insurance companies in that same 5-minute time frame.

For auto insurance, ask the following when you call a broker:


Ask them:

1) Ask the price difference to jump to 100/300/50. 


- Most companies quote you minimum coverage of 10/20/10 when it can only cost $15-$30 to get far more coverage.  

Ask about comprehensive which is the less expensive physical damage coverage and covers vehicle theft as well as fire, falling objects, vandalism,etc...Ask if it makes sense to take uninsured motorist coverage or reject it which you can do in Florida


2)  Ask about roadside assistance coverage with each policy.  The cost to add this valuable coverage is minimal.  

3)  Ask to set up your billing monthly or bi-annually, whichever you choose or ask if there is a discount for paying the full premium,

      otherwise known as a paid-in-full discount.  There are also paperless discounts available.  


4)  Ask about Homeowners, Windstorm, Flood, Health Insurance and Medicare supplement Insurance while your on the phone.  



What will 5 minutes of your time accomplish: 

1)   Lower cost

2)   Better coverage

3)   Less headache

4) Knowledgeable agents who can assist you with other insurance to give you a one stop shopping experience.

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"Dorothy and Ron are TOTALLY AWESOME! After being treated like I do not matter by my broker of six (6) years and the numerous errors on my policy, I decided to search for homeowners Insurance on my own. I took to the internet with shear determination to get a reasonable quote from someone who cares enough about my needs. There I found Brokers Insurance Group Inc! The most caring and professional individuals I have ever met in the insurance business. Thank you for making purchasing homeowners insurance so simple and for the affordable premium. I will definitely recommend Brokers Insurance Group Inc. to everyone I know. You are truly AMAZING!". Miami, Florida
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