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The calculators at this site are designed to help you to understand the issues that need to be considered in determining the investment option or options suitable for you.
However, the calculators should not be seen as a substitute for professional advice from a financial planner who takes into account your personal financial circumstances and needs.
We strongly recommend that you discuss your requirements with a qualified financial adviser, who can take into account your personal financial position and can help you choose a strategy that suits your own personal circumstances.

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I have been meaning to try Obamacare to help lower the cost of my insurance for a while. I spoke to Gary, and went into his office. He spent 1.5 hours patiently trying to get me in the system. At the end, he gave me a phone number to try to get it my self. I finally did get ACA insurance but honestly, I did not know what I was doing. I just bought the plan the Obamacare representative said would help my family. It was a plan that was hundreds of dollars more than the coverage my family needed. I would not have known this if Gary didn't step in for me and my family. However, I told Gary about the Obamacare plan I bought, he said he could do better, but calling ACA on my behalf. In a half an hour, Gary saved me another over $1,800 on the current insurance I was paying. Granted some was because of the subsidies, but Gary saved my family a considerable amount of money on health insurance. In this day of age of internet insurance, this is what an agent like Gary did. He knew my situation, my income, and my family needs, and he went to bat for my family, and hit a grand slam. This is what personal agents can do that a website can't. Tamarac, Florida
Greg Jones
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